Carpentry, Insulation & Accommodation Works


Expert insulation, cladding, & fit-out solutions

Excellence Industrial Maintenance is a leading contracting company specializing in expert insulation, cladding, and fit-out solutions. Insulation and cladding are essential in fabricating accommodation areas, wheelhouses of supply vessels, tugboats, and certain parts of ship loaders and conveyors. EXI regularly undertakes these activities. The company boasts a professional team with a combined experience of over 20 years in carpentry, insulation, and cladding work, as well as hot, cold, and acoustic insulation, and sheet metal fabrication.

We undertake various services in this sector which are mainly but not limited to:

  • Thermal insulation and cladding mainly to crude/hot oil pipes, fitting like flanges, valves, boilers, chimney, stacks and ducts.
  • Thermal insulation & carpentry works of accommodation and operator rooms etc.
  • Insulation and cladding for exhaust pipes and ducts in ships, boats and rigs.
  • Interior fit-out works for ships/accommodation works, residential & commercial buildings.
  • Acoustic insulation for operator rooms and control rooms.


  • Expertise in hot, cold, and acoustic insulation.
  • Specialized in sheet metal fabrication.
  • Provides insulation for crude/hot oil pipes.
  • Excels in interior fit-out for ships and buildings.
  • Provides acoustic insulation for control rooms.
Absolutely. Excellence Industrial Maintenance specializes in insulation and cladding for exhaust pipes and ducts in ships, boats, and rigs. They understand the unique challenges of marine environments and ensure effective insulation solutions to meet specific requirements.
Yes, Excellence Industrial Maintenance offers interior fit-out services for ships, accommodation works, as well as residential and commercial buildings. Their expertise extends to providing acoustic insulation for operator rooms and control rooms, ensuring a comfortable and functional environment.
Excellence Industrial Maintenance excels in thermal insulation and cladding, particularly for crude/hot oil pipes, fittings like flanges and valves, and various structures including boilers, chimneys, stacks, and ducts. Their proficiency in hot, cold, and acoustic insulation ensures efficient and reliable solutions for diverse thermal insulation requirements.

EXI provides quality engineering services in fabrication and mechanical works to various industries.