Electrical & Motor Rewinding


Comprehensive electrical & instrumentation solutions

EXI handles electrical & instrumentation works and has a experienced team with over 15 years of experience in electrical and instrumentation and motor rewinding etc.


Our experience include:

  • Cable laying & termination.
  • Designing cable trays, supply & fixing
  • Installation of electrical equipment.
  • Supply & installation of CCTV surveillance systems.
  • Motor rewinding
  • Machining works
EXI brings over 15 years of experience to the table, specializing in cable laying, termination, designing cable trays, equipment installation, CCTV surveillance system supply and installation, motor rewinding, and machining works.
EXI stands out due to its seasoned team and comprehensive proficiency in electrical and instrumentation works. From cable laying to equipment installation, our commitment to quality and efficiency remains unmatched in the industry.

EXI provides quality engineering services in fabrication and mechanical works to various industries.