Shutdown Services


Setting the standard in industrial maintenance and shutdown excellence

  • Industrial maintenance activities such as renewal of equipment, overhauling of pumps & valves, renewal of piping & steel structures, blasting & painting, electrical and carpentry works.
  • Experience in handling plant shutdown works at different industries such as power & water, wastewater treatment, steel & aluminium, oil & gas, and ship repair.
  • Support services - we provide specialist manpower such as mechanical / electrical technicians, supervisors, engineers, safety officers, certified riggers, fitters, certified welds, skilled and unskilled manpower.


  • Outstanding commitment to handling shutdown activities.
  • Renewal of equipment and overhauling pumps.
  • Experience in plant shutdown across different industries.
  • Supplying professional manpower for electro-mechanical services.
  • Support services include certified technicians and engineers.
EXI specializes in industrial maintenance and shutdown activities, including equipment renewal, pump and valve overhauls, structural work, painting, and electrical services across various industries.
EXI provides specialist manpower such as technicians, engineers, safety officers, welders, riggers, and skilled labor alongside its core maintenance and shutdown services.
With over 25 years of experience and a commitment to utilizing the latest technology, EXI delivers exceptional results in industrial maintenance, shutdown works, and support services, surpassing industry standards.

EXI provides quality engineering services in fabrication and mechanical works to various industries.